BJKS Podcast

49. Book club: Conceptual Spaces by Peter Gärdenfors, chapters 7 & 8, & general discussion

December 24, 2021
BJKS Podcast
49. Book club: Conceptual Spaces by Peter Gärdenfors, chapters 7 & 8, & general discussion
Show Notes

This is the fourth and final episode of a book club series on Peter Gärdenfors's book Conceptual Spaces. In this episode, we will discuss chapters 7 and 8, in which Gärdenfors discusses computational aspects his theory of conceptual spaces, and provides a general discussion of the topics covered in the book.

For this series, I'm joined by Koen Frolichcs, who was already my cohost for the books club series on Lee Child's Killing Floor. Koen and I are PhD students in the same lab.

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